Buried Treasure

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I’ve been digging through archives for a week or more, and tonight I found a photo of Tom Petty holding Stevie Nicks’ hand from a 2006 tour. I am not sure why I overlooked this shot back then.


Liam takes control of Barley

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Little man

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The resurrection of MOSS

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I took a pregnant pause from work…. But lately I’ve been working a lot and I decided to get back to the neglected MOSS Magazine I started so long ago. This week has been swamped with moving content and going through a decade of work. I’m halfway through and quite frankly overwhelmed, which is why Mileage hasn’t been too exciting this week. If you’re interested in seeing what I do when I’m not raising babies, take a look here.




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Miles just stomped me at pop’n’hop.


Barley waits patiently

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Liam is holding a snack trap of delicious honey o’s. Barley knows his tiny fingers will eventually drop a few.


Left behind

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Miles regularly takes Lego builds upstairs to ensure Liam the hurricane doesn’t destroy it. This was the scene as an amazing forklift was carried away this morning.



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